Moving Hazards – Slow Down

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Being creatures of habit can be a real curse for humans when we take on a large and new event like moving.If you are moving this spring make sure that you slow down on moving day and remember that you must be time cautious but not to the point where you may jeopardize your safety. Accidents can happen when humans step away of their normal daily habits.

I was unpacking in Philadelphia, Pa having just moved from New York. In New York the apartments are so very small and I was in a habit of keeping a jug of wine on the back burner of the stove because there wasn’t much counter space. In Philly, I bought some wine because my parents were coming to help us unpack and move in. There were a ton of boxes everywhere and I was just trying to get some room cleared and get some of the boxes organized. I put the wine on the stove like I did in New York and I also put a pot of water on the stove to boil water for pasta. I went to play with my 18 month old daughter on the living room floor. I heard the water sizzling but when I looked the water was calm. That’s weird. Then my eyes glanced behind the pot of water and the wine in the glass jug was boiling! I had put the wrong burner on. Watch out for those unfamiliar stoves!! And then it exploded. I had second degree burns on my stomach. God saved my baby – but there was glass all around her and everywhere in the apartment. She was somewhat protected by a bar that divided the kitchen and living room. My parents helped clean glass up instead of helping us move in! Be careful in those unfamiliar kitchens when moving into a new place. Oh yeah, and never use the stove as counter space!

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