Comparing Moving Yourself and Having a Moving Company Handle Your Relocation

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There are some BIG similarities and some BIG differences in moving yourself and having a moving company transport your household items:

Big Differences

Uncertainty about quality –  If you are planning on moving yourself, there are most likely several truck rental  companies right in your hometown and you can actually go there and see the trucks that they have available for rent.  You have most likely seen them before, either driven by truck rental centers or friends may be able to provide some insight. If you have done your research on these companies and you have visited their centers then you will most likely have a good idea of the quality of the truck.

If you choose to hire a moving company there may be some uncertainty as to what kind of truck your household goods will be transported in on moving day. If you have made all of the arrangements online this could really make you uncomfortable and uncertain about the authenticity and quality of the trucks and drivers that will arrive. Therefore, moving yourself does offer a degree of certainty about quality because you most likely know the driver and you have inspected the trucks.

Uncertainty about timing – Even if you know exactly what your window is (the time frame that the movers have to deliver your items) there can still be a sense of uncertainty. This feeling can make you uncomfortable if you are really relying on receiving your goods quickly. The movers may tell you that your time frame is 3 to 15 days and they may assure you that it “should be” closer to 3 days than 15 but you really can’t be sure how it will go.  If you move yourself, you know where your items are at all times and you are able to retrieve something if you really need to.  I remember having a dream the night before I moved for the first time and I dreamt that the movers called and told me that my items would not be delivered for 5 years – that’s a long time! Moving yourself offers a degree of certainty and removes the anxiety of wondering when you will meet up with your household goods.

Security and trust – Hopefully, if you are paying for a full service move, you have thoroughly researched the company that you plan to use (see my previous blog post on “Screening a Moving Company”) and your items will be in good hands. Is there a 100 percent guarantee that all will go well and none of your items will become lost, stolen or damaged? – No.

Do you think the chances for lost, stolen or damaged items are less if you move yourself?  Yes. You may damage items unintentionally if you move yourself, however, your chances of having items stolen from you are reduced drastically and you may lose a few items but you will most likely locate them after unpacking.  So, make sure that you go with a trustworthy, reputable company that has a legitimate business and that cares about their reputation.

Cost – Of course, I had to mention cost when discussing moving. Paying for a full service move (having movers come to your home and pack your household goods, load them onto a truck, transport them and then unload them) is the most expensive way to move. You will definitely save money if you do all of these tasks yourself, especially if you read my Slick Move Guide!

Big Similarities

Fun and Exciting – Oh, there is no doubt about it that moving is fun and exciting and whether you move yourself or have a moving company handle your relocation you are going to have a good time with lots of memories.  Relocation is a very enlightening experience that adds value to your character. I highly recommend the experience.

Time and Hard work – Whether you move yourself or hire a moving company you will still have some hard work ahead of you. You have to learn where new stores are and find new doctors.  You will most likely have a different design for your home and may have to rearrange furniture. Your new home may need some repairs. Adjusting to a new job can be tiring. You will have to meet new people, develop some new friendships and spend some time on the internet changing your address with friends, families and businesses.

Strategy – Years ago there were not as many ways to accomplish a task but today we have tons of options. Just look at communication, there is the landline phone, the mobile phone, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on. However, the goal is the same – to communicate! There are many ways to coordinate a move but at the end of the day, whether you use a moving company or you move yourself the goal is the same and with or without problems, eventually the delivery arrives!

Cosmic Forces: No matter what method you use to move, something is telling you to go and that is important to address. Some of us just have a desire to be different, some are more adventurous than others, some go places when everyone else is staying put, some desire to fill a need that others leave open, and some just  like to temp the talked about dangers . If forces from the center of the earth are telling you to move, then do it because that desire is always going to be there and it doesn’t  matter how you get it done.

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