What is inside the Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete Edition?

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Spring is just around the corner and many athletes and coaches will be relocating after spring training, scouting or the draft. Here is an example of some of the important information inside the Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete Edition that athletes and anyone who is relocating for their career should know:

• Relocating your vehicle – what you need to do to avoid citations.

• The legal way to transport a firearm.

• Hazardous materials that should not go on a moving truck or any vehicle.

• The importance of removing your name from previous utility accounts.

• Auto transport companies and what to watch out for.

• Preparing your vehicle for a road trip to avoid arriving late.

• What important information you need to retain when moving.

• Choosing the best area to live in – what to avoid.

• Renting furniture v/s buying furniture.

• How to pack correctly and how to condense packing.

• Truck rental advice, how to load a rented moving truck and how to avoid injury when moving.

• How to move large appliances.

• What to beware of when hiring a moving company.

• Why you should hire an inspector when purchasing a home.

• How to determine a fair and average cost for your move.

• SECURITY importance.

• Storage facility advice and how to prepare items for storage.

• What you need with you on the road.

• How to move pets.

• Helpful tips for kids, spouses, and love ones when moving.

Best of luck with your move and don’t forget to call your mom once in a while and say, “I miss you.”

–  Jodi Velazquez

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