Relocation and Keeping up Correspondence

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When I was in my twenties, I moved out of state for the first time. Being a little naïve, I left an unpaid phone bill thinking, “I’m out of here”. Well, utility companies will have credit agencies hunt you down like a warrior. It is IMPERATIVE that you put forth an effort to change your address with all creditors and any organizations that you owe money to or your credit may be damaged. Family and friends will be less likely to hunt you down, and those are the people you would probably like to hear from, so it is important to inform them as well about your change of address. Here are some tips on how to change your address with creditors and also with friends:

Creditors: If you pay your bills online you may think there is no reason to change your home address, however, companies want updated information. Perks of having all of your information correct with online creditors are receiving coupons in the mail, having your credit report match and for online purchases your information will need to match.

If you pay your bills through the mail, you will need to change your address. This can be done via your post office by filling out a change of address form at the post office. You will need to provide a start date for when you want your mail to be stopped and all first class mail will be forwarded to your new address. You can change your mailing address online as well at  Tip:  It is also a good idea to speak with your mail carrier and let them know that you will no longer be living at this address after a certain date. Tip: For very important mail such as 401 K or any investment correspondence or any licenses that must be renewed yearly consider using a “permanent” address, such as your parents or a sibling if your move will be temporary. As important mail is forwarded to you, you can also change your address by using the change of address check box on your paper statement or by doing it online on their site.  Keep in mind home owners, car insurance will need to be transferred or changed. Leaving a forwarding address with the previous providers is a good idea. You can change your address with the IRS at by downloading the appropriate forms. Refund checks are not always forwarded by the post office.

Family and friends – with so many ways to communicate today it’s hard to believe that we fall out of touch with certain friends or relatives.  Here are some tips to keep the flow of communication open:

If your mobile phone number is going to change most mobile phone providers can transfer your emails and contacts to your new phone.  Send a text to all of your contacts notifying them that your number has changed.  Some will save the new and delete the old, and some may not. For the ones who do not take note of the change try reminding them via e-mail of your new address and phone.  If you send holiday cards, paper or electronic, include your new contact information.  Tip: write your new address and new phone on the actual card.  Return addresses on envelopes are often thrown away upon opening the card. If you are extremely organized, you can have address labels made and include one in the card so they can stick it in there address book or on a calendar. If after moving you feel that you have lost touch with family or friends, realize that you may have to be the initiator because many people may not be in the habit of reaching out to people who have moved away, “out of sight, out of mind”. We tend to text, email and call people that we interact with daily. As the one who has chosen to move, you may have to accept more of the responsibility. Some friends/family may surprise you with a call or visit but the majority may need your initial effort to get them going. Keeping up communication can make family/friends seem not so far away.

Tip for mobile phones: Before switching a mobile phone carrier, research the new carrier for costs and length of contract and quality of service provided.  The switch should be well planned to avoid getting locked into a carrier that is too expensive or provides a poor connection. Prior to switching make sure the new carrier can transfer all of your contacts and emails. Trying to get out of a mobile phone contract can be costly due to start-up fees and monthly charges not being reimbursed.  Also you stand a chance of losing your phone number if you let time lapse 24- 48 hours in between switching carriers.  Tip: If you are moving far away you will want to make sure that your new mobile phone provider offers a long distance calling plan.

LastlyDon’t forget about good old “snail mail”, you may be surprised at how happy you can make someone by just sending them a letter; they will most likely want to respond.  :  )


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