Ten Awesome Tips For Moving Day! By Jodi Velazquez

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Organization and preparation are key aspects of moving. Whether you have rented a moving truck or you have hired a moving company, these ten tips can save you time and money if they are done PRIOR TO MOVING DAY.

1)      Disassemble: All appliances should be unplugged/unhooked and ready to go (empty, dry, defrosted, bound, cords stabilized, loose pieces inside or tapped securely to the back of the appliance, and boxed if it is a small appliance). All electronics, entertainment centers, beds and furniture should be disassembled.

2)      Communicate and confirm: If you have friends/family coming to help you move, remind
and confirm with them a few days before. Confirm with the rental truck company or moving company.

3)      Phones: Charge your mobile phone the night before the move and write down any important numbers in case you misplace your mobile phone. Do not pack your landline phone until the last minute.

4)      First floor: Move all of your household goods and furniture to the first floor. You may have to remove the doors of tight doorways to get furniture through. Locate your toolbox and keep it close by. Doing all of this the day before will be a big help in saving time and money.

5)      Organize: Have all items that are going with you in a certain area and far away from what the movers will be taking. Have fragile items, storage items and last minute boxes all marked and in separate areas so they will not be accidently taken to the wrong place or broken.

6)      Cleaning supplies and packing supplies: Set aside cleaning supplies, trash bags, vacuum
cleaner, tape and extra boxes because you will most likely need them.

7)      Visit: You may want to visit your neighbors and say goodbye the night before because they will most likely see the moving truck when it arrives and may want to talk for a while. If you are selling your home and it will be left vacant, arrange to leave your keys/garage door openers with a neighbor, relative or real estate agent and make sure they will be available for the drop off on moving day.

8)      Meals: Know what you are going to eat on moving day. Make sandwiches and have drinks
available. If you will be traveling with a cooler, have it cleaned and ready to go and buy ice the night before. If you plan on ordering pizza, make sure that you have the number available or in your phone. Movers love when you order pizza for them!

9)      Returns: Return rented furniture, keys, computer modem, router, cable box, satellite dish, router or any electronic equipment that you are renting to the appropriate places PRIOR to moving day. This is an important one.

10)  Weather: If the predicted weather outlook is bad for moving day, purchase carpet protection plastic to protect the carpet or use the “two carriers stay inside method” to prevent tracking dirt/mud, water or snow into the house. If you or a friend/relative will be driving a rented truck, confirm that you or they are able to drive in bad weather.


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