5 Tasks You Can Work On Now for Your Spring Relocation – by Jodi Velazquez

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August 2013

  1. 1. Lessen the possibility of being unhappy AFTER you move. How? By researching the area you plan on moving to. Just like when you make a large purchase (car, appliance, vacation) you want to make sure it has all the features you need and want. You want to be sure that there are not any unwanted surprises such as high taxes, high utilities or car insurance, or heavy traffic or crime. Does it have easy access to hospitals, schools and or the airport? Are educational and occupational opportunities available? Are incomes in the desired range? Knowing that the area has all of the desired features you are seeking and no major setbacks can reassure you about your decision to move there and lower your stress level.
  2. Clean House! Don’t think of it as throwing away belongings; think of it as making room for what is important. We make time for what is important; why not make room for what is important. Schedule a room for each month: January – kitchen, February – bedrooms, etc. Donate items to local charities or recycle. This will definitely make packing easier.
  3. Pack you holiday decorations as if you are packing them for the move! Why repack them in the spring or summer. If you are taking down your holiday decorations this January and you are moving in 2014, purchase or obtain sturdy boxes and collect newspaper or purchase packing material and get them ready! Most families have an average of at least 8 to 10 holiday boxes. Getting the ball rolling early is most often a good thing.
  4. Research moving companies. It is wise to have 3 in home, not over the phone, estimates if you are hiring a moving company. This can take some time because you will want to review their terms and conditions and check online to see if they have any complaints about them.  Last minute decisions can be costly. The more time you put into knowing about the company the more you will trust them and most likely have good results.
  5. Make contacts in your new town and talk to them about the area and ask a lot of questions. You can contact the chamber of commerce for a welcome packet and you can ask the chamber questions about taxes and schools. In my opinion a live person can sometimes offer better “inside” information than any website or printed material. Real estate agents know a lot about all areas surrounding a city. They can offer advice on the best schools, areas of crime and high taxes, etc. Talking to multiple people who live in that area can reassure you that you have made a good decision. The more you get to know the area and what it can offer the better and more confident you will feel.


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