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This winter seems like a long one but before you know it spring will be here! April marks the beginning of the moving/relocation season. If relocating is in your plans this year, now is a great time to get started on your money saving moving plans! Why spend sooo much money on relocation when you could spend that money on going to a restaurant in your new area or buying some really cool new furniture for your new place. I guarantee that if you read my blog posts and especially if you order either one of my relocation guides (links to order below) you will save TONS of money! If you aren’t quite sure you want to order the book (paperback or kindle) just yet check out some of these blog posts and see if you think they are helpful:

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Most helpful blog posts:

Moving Away From Home

Comparing Moving Yourself and Having a Moving Company Handle Your Relocation

Screening A Moving Company

Tip for Moving Day

Ten Awesome Tips For Moving Day

Low Rates and Better Availability Can Outweigh the Inconveniences of Moving In the Winter

Relocation and Keeping Up Correspondence

What Is Inside the Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete Edition

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