Sport Relocation Post – The “BLACK MAMBA” Can Help the Steelers Win a Championship – By Smokin’ Jim Frazier

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The“BLACK MAMBA” Can Help the Steelers Win a Championship 

By Smokin’ Jim Frazier 

     When  De’Anthony Thomas (5’9 / 180 / Oregon / RB-WR-KR / 4.2 40/ Junior) was 12 years old, he was a Pop Warner Football legend and played for the Crenshaw (California) Bears in Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League and Snoop gave him the nickname of “Black Mamba” and he has been KILLING his opponents ever since.
You have to love Thomas as an athlete because he can light up the scoreboard!  He has Super-Quick Feet!  Great vision and balance.  Experienced.  Great running ability and seems to have EYES all over his head.  De’Anthony is so hard to track down that his ‘PAGER’ needs a pager!  The Pittsburgh Steelers can use a player with his versatility.
As a freshman, in 2011, Thomas amassed 2,235 all-purpose yards and scored 18 total touchdowns, setting a school record for number of touchdowns by a freshman and was named to the Freshman All-American team.  His 91-yard touchdown is the new Rose Bowl record.
You know a player is exciting when he has a laundry list of nicknames.  Snoop Dogg calls him “Black Mamba”; Thomas calls himself “Black Momba”; Spiderman; The Creator; “El Producto”; and maybe 2014 NFL Rookie of the Year!
De’Anthony is Poetry in motion.  He works around the Atmosphere. I look for Thomas to potentially be the Steelers best Punt Returner, best kickoff returner, deadliest and most feared running back, 3rd down back, slot receiver and playmaker.  De’Anthony Thomas CARVE a FLAMBOYANT place in Oregon University History!  Thomas is one of the fastest players to ever play college football.  He is destined to be a mega-superstar in the NFL!  You don’t have to RUBBER STAMP this now, but you will.
According to National Geographic, “Black mambas are fast, lethally venomous, highly aggressive and have been blamed for numerous human deaths.  Black mamba is widely considered the world’s deadliest snake.”
Thomas’ elusiveness became legendary during his college career, but his figurative SNAKE-and-bake moves also inspired fans and many “Wow” reactions across the country.
De’Anthony was BORN TO WIN and lets his action be his ambassador.  He is scoring machine and is always looking to TAKE IT TO DA HOUSE!  He is a “Human Joystick” and runs the forty in a sizzling 4.2!
He is a new wave athlete and like Moses parting the Red Sea, the time has come to make way for the new generation of running backs.

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