Relocation, Common Sense Roadblocks and What You Can Do – by Jodi Velazquez

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Jodi March 2014

Recently, I read a review on my book the Slick Move Guide. “The book is basically common sense.” So, I thought I would write a blog post on common sense.

This past fall our high school football team went to the state championship. We drove four hours to see the game. The day before we left, I was in the store and some people were talking about the event. I spoke up and said I was going and was excited. A woman said to me, “The weather is going to be bad so be careful when you reach the mountains on the turnpike, it can be icy in that area.” A common roadblock to common sense is the “unexpected” and a lot of times it is a seasonal surprise. Since I was then aware, I watched the thermometer on the car and sure enough as we hit the mountains the temperature dropped from 33 degrees to 29 (below freezing), we slowed down. Some call this a “heads up” I like to refer to it as a “blessing from someone”. Most of us went to science class and learned that freezing can occur when the temperature drops (common sense) but are we thinking of it all the time? No.  It is unexpected. It’s the same as when you turn your back at your party, and the dog jumps up to eat the food on the party table you might say, “I should have saw that coming.” How many times are you out in a fall evening and the temperature drops and you are freezing because you did not bring a jacket? You know that it is fall but you were just “caught off guard”.  Frustrating but the unexpected can be very dangerous especially when it comes to driving and a change in road conditions which causes thousands of accidents every year for people without that extra warning.

I was recently skiing and was amazed at how many people will ski quickly through the trees. Another road block to common sense is “risk taking”. Have you ever been outside in a thunderstorm? Why? You know that you could get struck by lightning. People have accidents with gasoline and lighter fluid all the time and I am sure that they are aware of the risks. “I never thought it would happen to me”. It is truly a blessing when someone says, “you better back up because that could ignite fast.”

Something new or different is another roadblock to common sense. After a long day of watching or helping workers pour a new patio at your home, you turn your back and your little toddler wanders onto the still wet patio. “We never expected that, he was just curious.” Common sense will tell you that toddlers are the most curious creatures around. On another ski trip we watched as a mom walked with her young kids down the hill under the ski lift to collect a dropped pole. I bet the whole way she mumbled “I should have known”. Or, the man who rented a moving truck and pulled into a gas station and the top of the moving truck collided with the overhang. “I wasn’t thinking.” It was something different.

Last but not least, stress and being in a hurry can be a huge roadblock to common sense. My daughter is an instant gratification queen. I bought big soft pretzels in a box that you had to bake. I trusted her to read the directions. There was a packet of baking soda that was supposed to go in the water that you boiled the pretzels in – it went in the dough. They were some funky tasting pretzels. “Oh, I didn’t see that.” On a more serious note, CRM in the aviation world stands for Crew Resource Management. It is a system that requires the pilot to have agreement and confirmation from the co-pilot and all others involved in the flight that it is safe to take off. This system was put into place after the Tenerife airport disaster in 1977 in the Canary Islands. Among many reasons considered for the crash, a seasoned pilot was stressed and rushing to leave the foggy airport. Communication was poor and a crash into another aircraft resulted. This accident produced the highest ever fatalities. CRM remains in place today for all pilots forcing them to slow down and double check.

So, yes the Slick Move Guide is just common sense. I like to think of it as a reminder, heads up or blessing. If you do purchase it, I guarantee you will find some cool money saving tips and stress relieving tips that you did not think of!

So what can you do to help avoid the roadblocks of common sense when moving, definitely purchase the Slick Move Guide and don’t take common sense for granted!

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