COUPONS! Who Likes To Save Money? Organizational Tip – by Jodi Velazquez

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Jodi June 14   I have always been so envious of coupon fanatics! Especially grocery store savers getting those weekly deals. They are so organized, clipping coupons, saving them, and remembering to take them to the store. Sale watchers, bargain hunters, double coupons, and buy one get one free, some people are really saving money … but I’m not one of them. Sadly, I’m always a day late, forgot the coupons, or at the store and they are sold out because I got there so late. I have made many attempts, though, but it is so awkward for me. First I am always in a hurry so stopping in the middle of an aisle in the grocery store to look through a stack of coupons is something I view as time consuming. Plus, I feel like I don’t have enough hands for pushing the cart, flipping through the coupon pile, holding the not used coupons and holding the stack that I will give to the cashier. The coupons end up dropping on the floor and into the cart amongst the groceries. On some of the coupons the print is unrealistically small so then I am trying to pull out readers to see what they say. It’s miserable for me so for a long time I was on the “I can’t be bothered band wagon”. However, just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a fantastic idea to gain control!!! Just a little change was needed – that’s all!! I clipped a stack of coupons from the paper at my kitchen table. Then I separated them into piles – all the frozen, all paper and cleaning, all cold, etc. Then I got some 8 X 10 typing-paper and stapled the coupons to the paper, one category at a time. I had 8 sheets of paper with coupons stapled to them. Then I left for the store with my big sheets of paper – no lose flying coupons. I got to the store and realized that I forgot my list; I guess I was over excited with my new method. It was OK I knew mostly what I needed. I really had a feeling it was going to work well even before it was tested. I have to admit that walking into the store with my big sheets of paper was a little embarrassing. However, hitting the personal care aisle first, stopping the cart and just glancing down at my one sheet it took me only seconds to find everything. Holding the paper in one hand, the other free to push the cart and no coupons flying on the floor! It was really great. At the checkout counter the cashier looked at me after he totaled my order and saw my stack of papers with the coupons. I said, “I know, this is crazy” and he replied, “Hey, you are saving money!” I began ripping off the coupons one at a time and handing them to him. It was taking him a while for him to enter in all of the coupons that I was ripping off. I looked at the woman in line behind me and she just smiled. Then the bagger asked if I was an extreme couponer and I said, “I think I am” as I watched my total go from $255 to $235. Well I think I am hooked!! The new improvement to the old method was a big success! There is always a way around what is driving you crazy.

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