Sport Relocation Post – Kent State “Flash” Is the Game-breaker the Steelers Have Always Dreamed About! – By Smokin’ Jim Frazier

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Hello, I’m Jodi Velazquez author of Slick Move Guide series of relocation guides.  My guest blogger Smokin’ Jim Frazier’s writes sports articles for me once in a while to help get the word out about my Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete Edition. Smokin’ Jim Frazier is an award winning writer, a scout for the NFL, writes a weekly column in the New Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper and is a sports commentator for


Kent State “Flash” Is the Game-breaker the Steelers Have Always Dreamed About! – By Smokin’ Jim Frazier

Dri Archer / 5’8-175 / Kent State / 3rd round draft choice of the Steelers / RB, WR, KR

Dri “The Flash” Archer is a human highlight film! He is a 175 pound DYNAMO! He runs the forty in a sizzling 4.26! As a junior he rushed for nearly 1,500 years and added another 500 receiving yards. He was also the MAC Special Teams Player of the Year and should have challenged Johnny Manziel for the Heisman Trophy.

The Steelers got a REAL STEAL by drafting him in the 3rd round. Maybe it’s because most NFL SCOUTS wouldn’t know the difference between Deion Sanders and ‘PUFF’ DADDY!Doctor Dri is a throwback in a lot of ways. He is ‘OLD SCHOOL’. Doctor Dri studies more football film than any player in this draft. He is one of the hardest working players in college football history!

Most sportswriters in the city of Pittsburgh are writing that Dri Archer OFF THE BENCH will give Pittsburgh what it has been missing since running back Chris Rainey left the city. First of all CHRIS RAINEY never left Pittsburgh HE WAS RUN OUT OF TOWN! Chris Rainey was a below average back; with an above average mouth that beat up women.

Doctor Dri is a speedster and he is not going to be satisfied just coming off the bench. He is looking to make an impact and go to the PRO-BOWL as a kick returners as a rookie.His 4.26 forty is the second fastest in NFL Combine history! He has exceptional strength for a player his size. At 175 pounds he is about to bench press 365 pounds! He is able to press 225 pounds for 20 reps! I just hope he is not taking a BIG DOSE OF ANDROS, steroids or performance enhancement drugs.

The Steelers special teams coach is Danny Smith. I don’t know if DANNY BOY is a good coach. He is a Central Catholic Alum and that is a knock against him in my book. He certainly can’t take credit for Antonio Brown because AB was great before DANNY BOY got the job. MOST NFL SPECIAL TEAM COACHES COULDN’T DRAW UP A BLUE PRINT TO SUCCESSFULLY EXIT ‘CHUCK ‘E’ CHEESE! If Danny Smith is a good coach then look for Doctor Dri to FLASH his talents immediately in the NFL.

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