Relocation Resolution by Jodi Velazquez

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       Relocation Resolution    

       by Jodi Velazquez

Well the holiday is long gone. That first week of January had many considering change. However, many do not accomplish their New Year’s Resolution. If relocation was one of your New Year’s Resolutions, here are some cool tips on how to help you still accomplish that goal:

  • Some may not meet a relocation goal because money becomes an issue. If relocation is challenging your budget …… order the “Slick Move Guide Latest Edition” (link below) for advice on how to save money when moving so you can meet your goal!
  • A successful move starts with early planning! It’s time to get started RIGHT NOW if you plan on moving in the spring or summer of 2015! There is a time-line in the back of the Slick Move Guide Latest Edition that will help you put your game plan into perspective!
  • You need to evaluate your situation and make choices based on what is AVAILABLE to you. Can you afford to have a moving company transport your goods? If not, go to plan B and make plans to move yourself. If it is not practical to have what you desire, you MUST make other arrangements. This is possible!
  • Line up help early! Free help can be hard to come by but I believe there are still a lot of good people out there that are willing to help a friend. Asking early for a commitment is best; no one likes to be asked to help at the very last minute. If you procrastinate and then have to scramble to find help …… you make yourself look DESPERATE. Pushing yourself on people is never a good thing. Your chances of finding help that will give you a firm commitment and show up on moving day are better if you ask them early.
  • You may not be able to pay everyone that helps you but you could budget a little to buy everyone lunch on moving day. Little things count. Also, show your appreciation for their help. One thing that you do not want to do is let the “moving day” stress get to you and take it out on your free help. Be NICE!
  • Free moving supplies are plentiful and the Slick Move Guide Latest Edition can tell you where to get them. But remember, beggars CAN’T be choosers, so start collecting early to make sure you get the best moving supplies you can!
  • Reduce your household goods. Let’s face it the more you have to move the more you will pay to move! If you have not used it in a year ……… IT”S TIME TO LET GO! Moving can be hard but it is double hard for packrats. If you are having trouble letting go, take a photo of the item. You’ll always have pictures to cherish.    : )
  • If you are moving away from your friends and or family, know that it can be hard at first. Missing friends and family can be tough. Once you are in your new town you may feel very alone. Don’t isolate yourself and think that no one knows how you feel. There are most likely a lot of transient people around you. You would be SURPRISED how many people know! Most towns have New Resident clubs and organizations. You can contact the chamber of commerce for information.

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