Relocation, Packing and Potholes by Jodi Velazquez

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Driving around Pittsburgh, Pa this spring seems even more challenging than previous years. Maybe the excessive amount of single digit temperatures and dips below zero this past winter amplified the freeze-thaw effects on cement and asphalt. I’m seeing some extra deep potholes and many of them! I drive a lot as I have two teenage daughters to transport from event to event and if putting on make-up in a car was an Olympic sport …… they would both be gold mentalists!

If you think that you are going to avoid them, remember not every pothole is placed perfectly for easy avoidance especially when another vehicle is passing you. Keep in mind too that not all states/counties maintain roads the same. Your roads may not be bad but if you are traveling any distance, you may be surprised. A recent trip to New York left me astonished at a major highway that mimicked a washboard. Reverse potholes seem to be more abundant than usual as well. Not sure which is worse to hit.

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But, how will these “lose your vehicle in” massive potholes effect relocation this spring? Well, if you are transporting your household goods on a truck and you are hitting some unexpected crater size holes you could easily break glass, dishes and fragile objects. The Slick Move Guide Latest Edition has an excellent “smart packing” section to help you pack correctly to protect your items , especially fragile items!  Another way that “Pothole Paradises” can impact your move is the shifting of packed objects loaded on your truck. With every bump on the road boxes and items can move a little and eventually fall or fly off an open truck or unexpectedly fall to the ground when you open the truck door to unload. The Slick Move Guide offers a “how to load your moving truck” section as well offering advice on how to keep your shipment secure inside the truck during transport. Some of these tips are common sense but ideas that we easily forget or assume aren’t necessary. With the extra amount of potholes this spring in the north east …. don’t take a chance. Order now:

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