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The Slick Move Guide is available in paperback in North America. The Kindle edition is available in North America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium and Monaco.

Slick Move Guide Latest Edition

Slick Move Latest EditionThe Slick Move Guide Latest Edition is an updated version of the original Slick Move Guide. This consumer written, easy to read, informative and very detailed moving guide that can save a mover hundreds of dollars is now loaded with even more helpful information. Detailed content has been added primarily in the “Determining a good prospect” section to better assist readers with choosing a quality mover and protect them from moving fraud. A comparison of moving yourself and having a moving company relocate your household goods has been added as well as the benefits of moving in the winter months. The original SMG has been tested for competency and changes have been made in determined areas to help the reader understand the information more easily. A section has been added on transporting firearms and more helpful tips have been added about how to handle the emotional side of moving and staying in touch with family and friends. Some editorial revisions have also been made to the new version. 

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Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete Edition

Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete EditionThe Slick Move Guide was customized specifically for relocating athletes and first time movers. After working with many player development personnel, coaches and sports professionals, new information was gathered to develop this edition. It is also of value to the average person who may be relocating multiple times for their career. The difference between this edition and the original Slick Move Guide (TM) is that vital inside information that pertains to an athlete s unique situation such as moving quickly and possibly temporarily has been added.

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Slick Move Guide: Secrets You Need to Know If You Are Moving

Slick Move Guide

The Slick Move Guide (TM) is a consumer written, easy to read, informative and very detailed moving guide that can save a mover hundreds of dollars. It offers great packing advice, and will educate the mover on how to protect their household goods, choose a quality mover, and avoid those infamous mistakes and much more. It is light weight and with a spiral binding it acts as a workbook. The stress reducing timeline in the end of the book is one of the features and also provides blank lines for customizing your to do list. It is used by companies, home builders, real estate agents, schools and sports teams in America.

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